Tuesday, May 26, 2009

band practice/Magrudergrind/plans for tomorrow

    had band practice tonight. practice was good, good stuff. got a text from Logan sewage, he was at Nara Sushi wanted me to come, hangout. really wanted to go to Nara Sushi tonight (Cathetere, Maruta, Rotten Sound, Endless Blockade, Magrudergrind) but i am still recovering from the Maryland deathfest and not after band practice either...

    listened to the new Magrudergrind disc today while i was cutting the grass, it's incredible. i wish i had the energy to go to that show tonight, whatever...i've got the disc.

    have not done any art in a few days. tomorrow i need to do some stuff for Russell Bell, maybe i'll post that up tomorrow after it's done, if you are lucky.