Tuesday, May 22, 2012

...And I was all, like AHHHH! AAAHHHH!!!

I don't think I've put up a post scenes Blogger changed the format around. It's been long enough so that I'm not even sure that that's true. Blogger's format changing is like a symbol all these other sudden changes that happened over the last few weeks. (months?) I handled these circumstances all by shutting down because I'm an adult and it's not cool to cry and brake everything. You know how it goes, you miss a trip to the gym, don't practice your guitar, don't smoke that rock of crack once and then it becomes easier not to do it again and again...

I'll also mention that I was out of town for this show that the flier above is for so I don't know if Humungus played that night or not. 

Here's to putting out more weekly Post that NO ONE will comment on. I'm going to draw a skull and cry.