Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What the cool kids want for X-mas.

Who dose not need wicked ace "Thank You" cards after the holiday season is over? Show a little style. Don't be a jerk send a card with character to let your loved ones know you appreciate the cheap junk they sent you.

Yeah, I should have set up an Etsy account. Well, Shut Up all ready!

Happy Hanukkah!

Also in time for the gift humping season my seriously keen coloring, activity book Tiger Boss #1 and #2! Help Tiger Boss and friends thwart crime, save the day and have fun.

Let me know if your interested in have a happy safe X-mas with socking suffers that will delight young, old and subhuman. I'm not telling you that you won't have one without these treasures but I am warning you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's not a release-It's an escape!

A flier for this month's art show.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coloring Book

I'm working on a coloring book.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



The painting below was never used for anything....

Below: Earache Records', Thrashing Like a Maniac, a new school thrash compilation. It's not great but not bad considering that I taught myself how to use PhotoShop as I worked on it. Some jerk from Terrorizer Magazine called it, "just crap", that stung a bit....

Above: demo art for Fatal, Born to Thrash.
I really wanted to draw the little baby dick.

Above: T-shirt art for Battlemaster

Look up for: record cover for No Way Records' Compilation No Bull Shit #2

The great folks who did this comp also run a amazing record store called Vinyl Conflict located in the illustrious Oragon Hill neighboorhood. If you're in Richmond, you must visit!

At 12 o'clock you will see flier art for a Municipal Waste show. I worked so hard on this, and it still ended up awful.

Above: cover art for Cannabis Corpse's Blunted at Birth. I took a day off from work to do the inks for this one. I draw too slowly...
Above: T-shirt for Homicidal Threat. I think that they broke up before they ever printed the shirt. I also think they paid me in one dollar bills and quarters.

Above: T-shirt and Cover art for River Freshney

Above: T-shirt for Final Attack

Above: This never was used for anything...

I came up with the psudonym Inkwolf, because I was hunting for a "real job" and I didn't want the Cannibis Corpse album cover to pop up in a Google search on my name. I got the idea for the name from the movie Wild Zero. It stars the Japanese rock band Guitar Wolf, whose members are Guitar Wolf, Bass Wolf, and Drum Wolf. I figured I'd be Inkwolf.

Great story, right?....

Well, how about more art next time.

Monday, March 8, 2010



A drunk friend of mine asked to see my portfolio the other night. She wanted me to design her tattoo in the way drunk people I talk to at parties often do. It gave me an idea. I figured this would be a good time to post my old wares. It will offers people who haven't seen much of my art before a better notion of the caliber of lowlife I am. It also presents me an opportunity to post lots of content because I'm not finishing drawings as fast as I was a few months ago. Enjoy!

Above, t-shirt design for Battle Master http://www.myspace.com/battlemaster

Above, t-shirt design for War Graves http://www.myspace.com/wargraves

Up, t-shirt for Raw Sewage, I think they broke up...http://www.myspace.com/rawsewage

Hate Beak cover http://www.myspace.com/beak666

Alcoholic Mosh http://www.myspace.com/alcoholicmosh

Painting for Municipal Waste t-shirt. You can look up this band on your own.

"Who or what is INKWOLF?", you keep asking. What dose this strange name have to do with drawings, heavy metal and t-shirts? The questions begin to multiply in you head and you are unable to stop them. Is Inkwolf among us in flesh or is it an ever present conviction, a theme, that haunts the darker corners of our minds? Did Inkwolf do stuff for Cannabis Corpse? Did I drunkenly ask Inkwolf to design a tattoo for me that I never got? I will try answer those stupid questions in the next installment of Old Drawings. Thanks for playing, yal.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Street Pizza and Fan Male

Here is some more art work I did for the band Street Pizza's new album, Cancerous Planet. The drawing below is taken from a really old sketch book. I didn't have much time and we needed another image. It just goes to show that you should never throw anything out, RECYCLE!

I got this helpful e-mail from a FAN the other day. It was a reply to a quote I gave him Tuesday March 2 of last year. Better late than never or in this case much better never.

Hello, I was the guy looking for the (Zombie on a Skate board)
to be used as a tattoo. Just for a 5x5 black drawing I was thinking more like $20. That is what most designs go for if I buy them for a tattoo from various sites. (He gives me links to two sites that show artwork, thanks,) $80 seems a bit high. If you are firm on that, it is o.k. I just won't be purchasing it from you at this time.

Maybe I'm being bitchy, you know, "Don't look a gift pig in the mouth, just take it to bed and shut up..." This guy want to give me money for my art right. Yeah, just like 7-11 or something.

and now the print is really big, i wonder if it will look like this in the blog...I have no idea how that happened, really.wacky.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When things work out gooder than you planned.

This is going to be the record cover for the grind/thrash/power violence band Street Pizza. There are a few more details that may be added to the final piece, because less is more, but more than less is better than none at all. They wanted the art to be kind of ugly, and I was tired of polishing my work, so it was a perfect match.

This will be a t-shirt design for the British Metal group Turbo-Laser. As you can see, evil space mutants are storming Buckingham Palace to kidnap the Queen. I really hope that there is a sequel to this song so I can draw more space mutants. They are really fun to draw.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'd rather have one pound of atmosphereum than a ton of unobtanium.

This is the mutant from film sci-fi classic, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.

Below, is the skeleton holding a meteor containing the rare element atmosphereum and Animala.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Drawing, Yelling and Watching a ton of Movies and T.V.

So, I have this baby now and I've been awake for the better part of a month eating junk and watching trash to pass the time. I watched the 1975 sleeper hit, The Land that Time Forgot, which was much better when I was six years old. I also watched The Fantastic Voyage to the Center of the Earth, which was no good either. The movie seemed to be made by the same British production team and was also based on a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. There was an unintentionally funny running line about the sheep herder hired to lead the (un)fantastic voyage being paid in sheep. I also watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre Two--a slasher movie without a body count. Not even its cool sets and Dennis Hopper could make it decent. Ice Pirates kicked TCM II's ass.

The biggest happy suprise I had was a five part British mini series called Day of the Triffids. Not to be confused with 1962 movie of the Triffids which is not nearly as good. Day of the Triffids crushes most zombie movies into the dust.

I should have drawn a man eating plant that would have been useful because the Triffids are man eating plants from outer space. Just watch the movie and stop making that stuck up,"what an idiot" look. Killer plants are no joke and they teach use about the dangers of socialism.

It's been a long while, but I finally got back to marking up the sketch book. After my spiral into fat daddy land it feels good to be back into a sort of routine. I started off with some of the funny animals. They're fun and easy to draw. At this point with all I have to do in a day, it's got to be fun, easy, or nothing at all.

I've also been fooling around with some wacky word bubbles.

My bands demo is done please check it out. Loud, Dark, Heavy, Ugly.


So sorry it's a myspace link, ugh!

This kid heard it...

Check out this Blog. The person that does this has said some nice things about my work.