Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Block Party at Sundial Park

I was asked to do a postcard design to invite the neighborhood to a block party. Because I've let my lawn go so badly this summer I agreed to do it. The invitation is text heavy and I could have gotten away with no drawing at all but I did a wacky peacock anyway.

The peacock is the unofficial bird of the neighborhood because of nearby Maymont Park. I know that dose not explain anything but SHUT UP!

The drawing on the bottom is a peacock who wasn't wacky enough.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Recap August in Sketches

If there's a list of things you should not get tattooed on your body, pool balls should go on the list. Drawings a prefect circle is harder than most people would think, even when you don't factor in the person drawing the circles has to draw it out on a roundish piece of flesh. The numbers on the balls are also surprisingly tricky. It the kind of object that seems easy enough to draw but doesn't allow wiggle room for error.

I saw this guy at the beach while I wasn't doing any drawing. Yeah, sure, I've got some dumb tattoos myself but for god's sake the ball farthest away was REALLY drawn that much bigger than the one in front of it!!!

My wife and I caught a virus. Is what I was doing for about five hours.

I got a job washing dishes in a super fancy restaurant. No, the drawing is not pulling in the big bucks these days. So, I gotta pad my wallet with a little part time work.