Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Blog Preview Post

  The good good thing is that i've got a lot of great projects in the work at this moment. It's not too many irons in the fire, it's just enough. The not so great thing is that nothing is far enough along to really have much to show for yet. I have a lot of chickens waiting to hatch. What i do have however is more sketch book drawings of cute cartoon dudes.

  So my first Preview for the "Blog Previews Post" is that, I promise to do a blog in the very near future that will name and explain some of the cartoon dude about as well as I know then myself.

   Next up for this weeks Preview Package is my pledge to post some news and picture from the up and coming film, The Taint. The Taint is a horror comedy being shot in Richmond Virginia and I am helping out and playing in the production. I spend most of today working on a death scene and I will be acting in another role tomorrow. Look out for a The Taint blog, coming soon.

  This next preview will be done without the annoying alliteration. This coming saturday night my heavy metal band Occultist will be playing it's second show. We are all very exited to be playing again and (I think) the t-shirts will be ready, on sale . I think it's going to be a good time. I have been writing here and there about the musical project in this blog but it may be time to dedicate an entire post to the dark tyrant Occultist.

  Lastly, I just returned from San Francisco this past weekend. It was my wife and I's honeymoon. (???is that how you say that???) We had a wonderful time. I don't plan on showing a bunch of happy photos of us smiling like goons yuppies from the home office in Action Wisconsin so don't worry. As you may know there is a ton of really cool art and culture going on out west. We saw as much of it as we could in our short time on vacation. Look out for a blog coming soon detailing thoughts adventures.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday morning funnies

    here are some pages out of my latest sketch book. as i go on with this blog, i'll explain these characters in more detail but at the moment just try to enjoy them...

    over the past five years i've been drawing these little cartoon animals in sketch books to pass the time at work, in between illustration jobs and when i get bored. over the years they have developed and multiplied.

   i've been meaning to put together a comic book or strip with them but i've yet to get it of the first reasons being is that i don't really like comic strips very much. i don't find them funny or cute. i wouldn't want to trap my dudes in an unfunny unsatisfying world.

   i have hundreds of pages of these guys, i hope you look forward to seeing more of them because they are on the way. please ask questions and make comments. thanks                                                     

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knocking down the deadlines

   I was really worried i wasn't going to finnish this one, EVER. As it turned out a little ultimatum was all i needed to get this dude done. It's going to be a t-shirt for my band, Occultist. One of the guitarists is printing them for our show on the 27th and needed them by Friday... 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

a week later...

   yeah, so, it's been a week, maybe more...still need to post some pictures. (need learn how) 

   i leaned one thing this past week, i really need to make some ding-dang business cards! Here are two good examples of why.

   Thursday night went out with my old work buddy Josh and got got some drinks at Capital Ale house, as they presented "Hoperation Alpha". It was a festival celebrating "Humulus Lupulus" and featured  over 15 special editions of "intensely hopped-up drafts". If you get a burger at the Main Street location and you want it medium ask for it medium well-done or well-done, ect. My burger had it's own blog called "i'm bleeding all over your french fries". Some of Josh's friends i met over burgers and beers were working on there own line of  Stouts and IPAs and one of them was very interested in packaging. I brought along my sketch book and he seemed really impressed, really he like what he saw and our waiter, who was also an illustrator mentioned he like my work. In conclusion, the moral of the story is if ANY of us had carried business cards this bog would have a few more specifics, rather than "our waiter the illustrator" or "some dudes i met, who brew beer"  

  Saturday i went to the "FantaSci" a Sci Fi convention at the Chesapeake Central Library. I tagged along with Eric Miller, who was showing his short film "Taste of the Blood of Fankenstein" and a preview of his feature length movie "Mark of the Damned". We didn't sell much at all but we had a great time and met a lot of nice folks. The stuff happening at the Chesapeake Central Library keeps me really hopeful for the future of oddball monster/fantasy culture. Once again Eric and I failed to bring business cards of any kind so we'll have to visit Chesapeake again soon or risk being forgotten.

   In other news tonight, i have band practice, need to work on lyrics...