Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Open Invitation

Here are some pictures you might have seen before with color added to them. I was going to make a long winded statement about how lame it is that some folks roll their eyes at compute art but I'm tired. I had a long hot day of yard work and house renovation. So, I'll keep it short. You can go ahead and call my art cheap and amateur . Go, do that. If that's what you need to say to prove you have an opinion then you kind of HAVE TO, right? I finished a color picture, sold it, worked a night as a door man, played a metal show the next day, slept a few hours and got up to work the house renovating jams. I invite anyone with an opinion about what I do to just keep talking while I get stuff done.

Sorry I'm worked up, I'll go to bed now....

Monday, June 27, 2011

This is happening tonight, dudes.

My new band Gnawed is playing a free show with Mutant Supremacy, in a few hours. You should go download there music form some other blog or better yet, buy a record from them.

I'll have some artwork and some words of wisdom up tomorrow, so get ready. If your in the Richmond Va area, I'll see you tonight.