Tuesday, September 1, 2009

!!!Get This Album!!! In Defence, Into the Sewer

In Defence, Into the Sewer

I just got Into the Sewer in the mail a few days ago, and I think this is one of my favorite albums that I have done artwork on. I worked with these guys back in the winter of '08 while they were recording. In Defence is a hardcore band from the midwest who have been playing and touring for a while. This new album swings in the direction of cross-over (Hardcore Punk Rock mixed with Heavy Metal) that is very popular these days. This might be a strike against them, but they really hit it out of the park with Into the Sewer. The record is tough, mean, and a lot of fun.

Right or wrong, at the time I was working on these two pieces I was way way into the idea of painting in Photo Shop. It would have been great to be able to paint on a canvas but I was low on time, money, and space. I picked up a few copies of Imagine FX, a great digital art magazine. If you are at all interested in PhotoShop artwork, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. It's a very useful resource even if you're painting outside the computer.

Into the Sewer is a fun record, and you need to give it a chance!

Yes, they spell there name wrong on purpose and they have a song about that too. Check this one out!