Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Year end and looking ahead.

This first one is an evil mutant from Planet X . I did all the Ufos behind him for another painting but because of the specifics of the job the client only wanted one UfO to appear in the background. I have to scrap these others and it broke my little heart. Because I saved them on another layer I was abile to copy and paste them to the new painting that whipped up this from a sketch I had done earlier. You can't do that on canvas.

As I putting this together I can see that this next picture still needs some work done. The T.V.s and computers need some more dark purples and blues. This is what happens when you work at 2:30 in the morning, you remember things the way you want to remember them.

I'm doing this for my friend Jon Ramsey and his new record Sever Connection. Jon has taught me a thing or two about sticking to your goals and being true to yourself. He has insisted on paying more money for my artwork than most of my other clients. Most people I know want artwork as a favor and would tell me they didn't make enough to pay for the work. BUMS!

What kind of Art Blog would this be if I didn't show you some work that was rejected by a client and bitch about how unfair life is sometimes? Not a very good one! I did this pen and ink drawing for a Metal Band(No way, Get out of town?!) who i will not name. I spent a ton of time on this and it was the first drawing I finished after the birth of my kid.

I would have been a lucky man if that was the worst thing that happened to me in 2009 but this wasn't the case. My dog Babygirl pasted away in August. Everyone who got to meet her agreed that she was the best dog ever. Losing her was one of the hardest things I've ever gone through. My wife mentioned that she would have really enjoyed the snow we got this past week and then someone e-mailed me this picture from last Christmas out of nowhere. We love you little dog.

(Why is this blue?!?)

To end on a happy note, this is my son, Joe. He was born on November 20th around 11:00. He is my greatest work of art. He is also a tyrant who has taken sleep away from my wife and I. We still love him and are looking forward to getting to know him.